Daily Bible Radio is a free daily Bible study devotional podcast. We are working our way through the whole Bible. You get a short reading from the Bible and devotional commentary by Troy Taft.

Episodes are only about 5 minutes long and we slowly and steadily work our way through every verse. An important thing about this podcast is that no verses are skipped so you are hearing what the Bible actually says. If you want to learn more about the Bible, please join the podcast.

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You can also get see the text and sign up for the RSS feed at Troy Taft Update. You can also go back and listen to what you have missed or go through an entirely different book.

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This podcast is free without any obligation. If you want to support me, spread the word about the podcast. If you want to help financially, I get a small reward for referring people to the place I get gold and silver from. If you open an account there using my referral link, it helps me too.

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