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Rejected Forever?

Psalms 74:1-11 :

A contemplation by Asaph.

God, why have you rejected us forever?
Why does your anger smolder against the sheep of your pasture?
Remember your congregation, which you purchased of old,
which you have redeemed to be the tribe of your inheritance:
Mount Zion, in which you have lived.
Lift up your feet to the perpetual ruins,
all the evil that the enemy has done in the sanctuary.
Your adversaries have roared in the middle of your assembly.
They have set up their standards as signs.
They behaved like men wielding axes,
cutting through a thicket of trees.
Now they break all its carved work down with hatchet and hammers.
They have burned your sanctuary to the ground.
They have profaned the dwelling place of your Name.
They said in their heart, “We will crush them completely.”
They have burned up all the places in the land where God was worshiped.
We see no miraculous signs.
There is no longer any prophet,
neither is there among us anyone who knows how long.
How long, God, shall the adversary reproach?
Shall the enemy blaspheme your name forever?
Why do you draw back your hand, even your right hand?
Take it from your chest and consume them!

Asaph's words remind us why it is a horrible thing to be abandoned by God. Although God had promised that He would not abandon His people forever, He had been gone so long, that it felt like forever to Asaph. Have you noticed that waiting for evil to be taken away can seem like that? It can seem like things will never change even though we know from God's word that it must. How should we respond at times like this?

Well, I think that this song gives us a good idea about how to respond. One thing that we shouldn't do is sweep all of our pain under the rug and pretend like everything is fine. This seems to be a popular "Christian" response in my world, but this part of the Bible calls that into serious question. I believe that the answer is clear in both the Old Testament and the New. We need to take our concerns to God and ask Him to bring about change as soon as possible. I believe that sometimes, God is waiting for someone to make a request like that. How many times have we read about how God would come to the aid of those who cried out to Him? God doesn't change. He wants you and I to cry out to Him today too.

Notice that during this time in Israel's history, we are told that there were no more prophets and no more miraculous signs. When Jesus came, that changed in a very big way, but the leaders of Israel refused to accept God's presence, even though He had arrived. I believe that if Asaph would have still been alive for that, He would have been one of Jesus' disciples. His heart was prepared because he cried out to God, expecting Him to help.

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