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Psalms 32:1-5 :

By David. A contemplative psalm.

Blessed is he whose disobedience is forgiven,
whose sin is covered.
Blessed is the man to whom Yahweh doesn’t impute iniquity,
in whose spirit there is no deceit.
When I kept silence, my bones wasted away through my groaning all day long.
For day and night your hand was heavy on me.
My strength was sapped in the heat of summer.


I acknowledged my sin to you.
I didn’t hide my iniquity.
I said, I will confess my transgressions to Yahweh,
and you forgave the iniquity of my sin.

This is a very good thing to meditate on because it really describes the only way to God. I found it natural to believe that Christianity was mostly about striving to be a good person. I thought that God's blessing was something to be earned and righteousness was something that I must maintain, but I was wrong. I have come to realize that what God expects from us now, grows out of what David wrote about here.

True Christian living is based on a state of mind that is rooted in the realization that we have been forgiven. In order to think this way, we must first agree with God that we have sinned. We must realize that God's hand is heavy on us because of our sin and that what we have done is worthy of His punishment. When we begin to understand the harm we have caused, we start to see things from God's perspective. There's nothing easy or enjoyable about this experience, however. In fact, it's easy to fall into despair and start to think that God wouldn't save us, but if we honestly confess our sins to God, He is able to forgive us and remove our guilt, and when that happens, we love God naturally and choose to do what is right. Living the Christian life isn't just striving against sin. It's a response to the love that God has shown to us. That's not to say that it isn't a struggle sometimes. It's just that we do it because we really want to. It's God's forgiveness that drives us. Just wanting to do what is right is still not enough and even though that's not what David talks about here, we need to remember that we now of have the Holy Spirit in us. He will help us to do the good that we now long to do.

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